Silkies come in rainbow of colours.  In Australia the standard colours are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gold/Buff
  • Partridge
  • Blue Red/Blue Partridge
  • Grey

There are many other colours inbetween and in various stages of development.

 Black               Male and female.  Feathers black all over with a green sheen in the males.  A small amount of colour in hackles is permissible but not desirable.

Blue                 Male and female.  An even shade of blue from head to tail, a self colour neither laced nor barred.

Blue partridge           Male and Female.  As for partridge with black replaced with blue.

Gold                Male and Female.  Feathers should be an even shade of golden buff avoiding pale lemon on one hand to brownish orange on the other.  Pure colour preferred but darker feathers permitted in tail of both sexes.

Grey                Male:  head and crest dark grey.   The neck and saddle hackles should be light grey streaked with darker grey.  The shoulders, front and wing boys should be slate grey with shafting of darker grey.  The breast light grey.   Female: head and crest pearly grey.  In both sexes the primary and secondaries on the wings should be a solid even shade of slate grey.  The remaining plumage in both male and female should be an even shade of pearly grey. 

Partridge        Male:  head and crest should be a dark orange colour with orange yellow hackles, no washiness, and each feather should have a black stripe down the  centre.  The back and shoulders should be dark orange, while the wing bar should be solid black.  Primaries are black, free of any white while outer secondaries are dark orange on the outer part and black on the inner part.  Only the orange should show when the wing is closed.  Tail and sickles should be black, while the leg, foot and breast feathers should also be black.  The undercolour should be slate-grey, and free from white. 

                        Female.  The neck and breast will be lemon striped black.  The hack feathers have a black centre with a lemon edge.  The crest should be a mixture of lemon and black.  The wings and cushion should have black barring on soft partridge brown, and undercolour of slate grey.  Leg and foot feather should match the colour of the body.  Black is permissible in the tail.

White             Male and female. Feathers should be white in all parts of the body.

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