Male on left, female on right in picture below. 

Male on right, female on left in picture below. You can see the difference in crest shape, the female's is rounder and fuller than the males, although both do have generous crests. You can also see that the female has hardly any wattles at all, while the male's are quite pronounced

 Silkies can be notoriously difficult to sex. I have been very lucky to have two silkies in the same hatch which are very clearly one of each sex, and have been identifiable as male and female since they were about 6 weeks of age. Here they are at 10 weeks, and hopefully it will help some others with identifying the sex of their silkies.

Firstly there is a behavourial difference.................the male silkie is much bolder and will always be first in the group to come forward and investigate, but that is not much help in photographs. Secondly, it doesn't show in the photos due to their body fluff, but the female is slighter in body than the male.

 The picture to the right shows a female silkie comb.




 The next two pictures show the comb and wattles respectively of the male chick.  You can see a fault in the comb which is a bit much redness.

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